Inverse Problems intensive course in Helsinki University of Technology, January 2009

Project work page

The idea is to study an inverse problem both theoretically and computationally in teams of two students. The project work topics will be given on Friday, January 16 in Hall U322.

First deadline: Monday, January 26.

At this point, two first sections should be preliminary written. More precisely, you need to hand in a document with sections
1 Introduction (written together, with general explanation of the project work topic and its relation to inverse problems)
2 Materials and methods (with explanation of simulation of data written by student A, and explanation of inversion method written by student B)
No computations need to be done at this point.

If your topic does not involve simulation of data, then please find some reasonable way to divide the work between students A and B.

The draft of project work presented at the first deadline will be graded, and the grade represents 30% of the final grade of the project work.

The document should be sent as pdf file by email at latest on Monday, January 26 to Lauri Harhanen (email loharhan (at)

Second (final) deadline: Friday, February 13.

Please send the final project work at latest on Monday 8.12.2008 at 16:00. You can send the work electronically by email.

The final work should have all four sections completed:
1 Introduction
General explanation of the topic and its relation to inverse problems.
Should be accessible to a person knowing the course material.
2 Materials and methods
Explanation of the origin and structure of data.
Description of the computational and theoretical methods used.
Important: No numerical computations should appear in this section.
3 Results
This section is for reporting what happens when the methods described in Section 2 are applied to the data described in Section 2.
The data must be simulated by student B, and reconstructions computed by student A.
Important: No conclusions or interpretations of the results here, just raw facts and tables and graphs.
4 Discussion
This section is for conclusions about the results reported in Section 3.
This section should be written together by both students.

Important: The number of pages in the final report should be between 8 and 16. Shorter or longer documents will get lower grades.

The final project work will be graded between 0 and 5, and the work done between the first and second deadlines makes up 70% of the grade.

The document should be sent as pdf file by email at latest on Friday, February 13 to Samuli Siltanen ().

How to get help during preparing the project work?

Course assistant Lauri Harhanen is available for questions by appointment. Please send email to him and agree on a time.
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