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Proof Buider
You can build a proof in a caluculus of natural deduction.
(Copyright Christian Gottschall)

Cantor Set
Demonstrates the subdivision of a line into a cantor set.

Program uses Interval Arithmetic techniques to solve systems of non-linear constraints.

Spring response
Shows how amplitude versus time elapses for a 2nd order linear system with given frequency and damping factor.
(In German. Fern Universität.)



Sorting Algorithms
Demonstrates 16 different sorting algorithms.
(Some source code avaliable)

Genetic java
"This applet is designed to be a tool by which interested people can learn some of the basics of genetic algorithms"

Using Archimedes' approach for approximating pi.

Wallis' product
Calculating pi using Wallis' product.

Buffon's needle
Estimating pi using a Mote Carlo simulation; dropping many needles on a table.
(Source code avaliable)


Laplace transform

Computing the Laplace Transform
Given a function, f(t) this tool computes its Laplace transform F(s).
(MathServ. CGI-script)

Inverse of the Laplace Transform
Given a function F(s), this tool computes its inverse Laplace transform, f(t).
(MathServ. CGI-script)



Generate Trees
Generates all possible binary trees of a kind given input parameters.
(The (Combinatorial) Object server. CGI-script.)

Red-Black Trees
Demonstrates how to build a tree of red and black balls based on specific conditions.
(Copyright Doug ierandi. Source code avaliable.)

Minimum Genetic Tree Using Prim And Adjoiting Array
Finds the minimum genetic tree cost.
(Algorithms Tutoring Web Page)

Standard Binary search Tree
"The demo allows you to perform basic operations on a binary search tree. The demo starts you off with a reasonably balanced tree, and performs one insertion, one location and one deletion before turning over control to you."
(Copyright Doug Ierandi)

Splay Trees
A self-adjusting search tree
(Copyright Doug Ierandi .Source code avaliable.)


Function analysis

Partial Fraction Expansion of a Rational Function
Computes the partial fraction expansion of a rational function.

Computes one- or two side limit of a function.
(MathServ. CGI-script)

Arc Length of a Curve
Computes the arc length, analytically if possible, else numerically.
(MathServ. CGI-script)

Iterates the equation y = kx(1-x) with given first x and k.

Inverse functions
Computes the inverse of a function if it exists.
(MathServ. CGI-script)

Factor Ploynomial
Factorises a polynomial using real or gaussian integers.

Complex Numbers made easy....
Visualises operations on complex numbers.
(Copyright ALMA services, source code avaliable)

Complex Function Viewer
Shows the transformation of a grid in the complex plane through one of the functions sine, cosine or exponential.
(Copyright UBC Mathematics department. Source code avaliable.)

Poles and Zeros
Draws a map for a transfer function given its poles and zeros.
(Copyright Manfred Thole. Source code avaliable)

Polen und Nullstellen
Shows amplitude and phase of the systemfunction given its poles and zeros. Very slow applet.
(In German. Fern Universität)


Route optimization

Demonstration of different heuristics for tour planning
Optimizes a tour under four different methods.

Travelling Salesman Problem
Demonstrates an algorthim for choosing the cheapest travelling route for a salesman.
(Algorithms turtoring page)

Optimal Sailing Strategies
Demonstrates the optimal sailing path given wind direction in various places.
(Princeton University)

Finding Alternative Routes
Shows how to calculate the best paths between two cities, with a limit on how many arcs can be shared between the two best paths.
(Princeton University)

Optimization using OOP
Optimizes 5 different problems graphically.

Greed (and hill Elevation)
Demonstrates the difference between two algorithms for choosing the best path between to places.
(Algorithms tutoring page)

Prim Algotithm
Using a Prim algorithm to find a minimum cost genetic tree.
(Algorithms tutoring page)

Kruskal Algorithm
Using a Kruskal algorithm to find a minimum cost genetic tree.
(Algorithms tutoring page)

Minimum routes finder
Finds the minimum cost routes using "Dijkstra" algorithm.
(Algorithms tutoring page)


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