The Destruction of the Forest.

Tekijä: Nik 08:58:39 13/10/98

Deforestation,or destroying forests,is an example
of how difficult it is to encourage people to make
decisions which will help our environment.People
have always cut down the trees for building and
firewood,but now the rate of deforestation is
enormous in some parts of the world.

Destroying forest is bad for the invironment for several reasons:

(a) there are fewer trees to carry out photosynthesis
which uses up carbon dioxide

(b) when the trees are burnec more carbon dioxide
goes into the atmosphere and this may be adding
to the problems of global warming.

(c) the rain forest soil is very thin and without the
roots of trees to bind it,it is quickly washed away
by the rain making it very difficult for anything to
grow there again.

(d) the climate becomes drier because the trees which
helped to keep the air moist have dissapeared.

(e) millions of species of animal and plants which
live in the rain forest have lost their habitat.